Monday, April 18, 2011

She's my favorite thing by far.

The promenade was Isaac Bickmore and his dear mother singing this.

It was kind of the most beautiful thing ever.
It's Called "(David Bowie I love You) Since I was Six"
She renamed it (David Bisson I Love You) Since I was Sixteen, which is how old we both were when we met.

Does she love you, you suppose
With somebody who would know
Who believes in what you are
You're my favorite thing by far

There's a fire in your eyes
I see it all sometimes
In the darkness of the night
I see it many times
Yes I'm sure it shines in you

There's no warm place left to go
When I'm feeling kind of slow (slow down sir)
Do you like the way you are
Yes it is, 'cause you're the star

It's the brightness in your eyes
I see it all tonight
In the darkness of my light