Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Imaginary Friend

My imaginary friend died. Does that happen to everybody's imaginary friend? It seems kind of sad but also seems inevitable, right? I dunno, I can't really think clearly right now. I am in mourning.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving or something

I am so very thankful for friend who share mutual beliefs and who I can talk to and they actually help me to see what I should do. I also, more than anything, love to do that for my friends.

I am also so thankful for my family, who I love and who loves me no matter what.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


To-Do List 11/19/09

1. Double-Double, Animal Style

And for any of you who don't know about Planet Awesome Kid now you do. Betty described it as "The Sartorialist, but for kids."

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I personally consider the Oxford English Dictionary the definitive authority on all things etymological and whatnot. I dread the day I will no longer be able to access it through the library website of my Alma Mater.

Even when going through the HBLL, it still requires a BYU log in.

Sometimes, I imagine that this access may be a lifelong perk (from perquisite, the "perk" shortening of the word is first found used in 1869by J. Greenwood in Seven Curses London) of my attendance at BYU. Those sometimes are happy sometimes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Contre qui, Rose?

I have a few minutes to kill while I wait. I think this is the most beautiful poem ever written and I have thought so for some time. I try to avoid superlatives, but I think I should accept them when they have persisted for over a decade.

Contre qui, rose,
avez-vous adopté
ces épines?
Votre joie trop fine
vous a-t-elle forcée
de devenir cette chose armée?

Mais de qui vous protège
cette arme exagérée?
Combien d'ennemis vous ai-je
qui ne la craignaient point?
Au contraire, d'été en automne,
vous blessez les soins
qu'on vous donne.

Here is an English translation of it that I have kind of picked from several different translations, parts of which I think capture it better than others. Oh, that is so arrogant.

Against whom, rose,
have you assumed
these thorns?
Is it your too fragile joy
that has forced you
to now become this arméd thing?

And from whom does it protect you,
this exaggerated defense?
How many enemies have I lifted from you
that did not fear it at all?
On the contrary, from Summer to Autumn
you wound the affection that is given you.

Rilke wrote a lot about solitude and our need to have a lack of it. Solitude is very good and I think necessary sometimes, but too much can be bad. Sometimes I wonder if it is addicting.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox, The

I already want the soundtrack because I am a shameless hipster sucker for anything Wes Anderson does.
I love how the music plays on the website. Also, this is coming out this Friday, in case you didn't know.

I love Mr. Fox's suit.

But also I love Wes Anderson's Suit and I bet he dresses like this everyday.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Brahms and stuff

Here is another beautiful song I've come across. Listen.

A friend gave it to me. Don't tell them I gave it to you, its a secret. Shhhh, its a secret. The thing I like about this song is the first 30 seconds. The violin is simply gorgeous the first few times you listen to it. And its Yitzahk Perlman, the most famousest violinist in all of the world playing on his 200+ year old, 1.5 million dollar Strativarius, so of course its overwhelming in both tone and musicianship. And then you slowly realize that really this song, for me anyway, is all about that really tender and seemingly unnoticeable (at the beginning anyway) piano accompaniment underneath that supports it. And for brief moments the piano even gets the spotlight and even the melody, but its still a Violin Sonata. But, this piece is really about the piano, for me anyway. Isn't that how life is sometimes? Its not the things that are out front and obvious that are the most beautiful, but the subtle things you only notice a while later, when its still... and you can really listen. Like Mother Theresa and Marjorie Hinckley or that nurse at the hospital that just keeps working and smiling and nobody ever notices. Or.. well.. even Home teachers or people who spend all morning making Christmas Ornaments for Relief Society? I mean, The Apostles are great, but its all us normal kids who really get the Lion's share of the work done. Well, nurse at the hospital, Daniel Barenboim and all us normal kids, I noticed and thank you. Also, I think that's why I love music so very much. It really is inherently an unselfish endeavor. Its written to be played... by people, and heard... by people, its a sort of communion. And all are uplifted.

Also, I'd just like to say that when I watch football, I like to watch the big guys up front blocking, because that ball ain't going nowhere without 'em.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Sorry, Wes Anderson

Should Have Taken Acid With You - Neon Indian
First of all, Wes, I would like to publicly apologize to you. I'm sorry for saying mean things about you on my blog yesterday. They weren't that mean, but... well, you know, I'm sorry. I'm glad we've made up and I hate fighting with you... but the make-up sex was kind of worth it.

Second of all, I am still very sick, not as sick as yesterday, but sick enough to already be tired and need to sleep. I've lost 15 pounds since Friday night. Don't worry, I am much bigger than you are and most of that is water weight, but if I stay sick much longer JR Boyce will definitely owe me a fudrucker's hamburger as I stumble (is that the word I want? Stumble? I want a word that means fall while being delirious and sickly. If you can think of the word I am looking for, let me know.) below that magic number. (Maybe shrink, is part of the word I want, too.)

Third of all, this is happening right now. But, I am a bit more excited for the Leonid meteor shower, which peaks on the 17th. The Leonid might be worth going out for, any interested parties are welcome to tag along. Its a big one and there will be no moon whatsoever. Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side and it looks like Asia is the place to be for it this year.

Last of all, my website is so close to being done, I am very excited. It would probably be done today if I weren't so sick. Prepare for your minds to be blown all over your faces and the faces of your neighbors. Also, get ready for the minds of your neighbors to be blown all over your faces and, obviously, their faces. You may also want to prepare for some of your neighbors' minds ending up on their neighbors' (some of whom you probably don't know, but may soon because in a crisis like this you meet new people. See Zombieland for details) faces. Don't even get me started on the minds and faces of your neighbors' neighbors.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wes Anderson, I love you but you're bringing me down.

Hey Kids. Wanna know a secret? Bottlerocket was amazing, Rushmore was Perfect, really Perfect, and I love The Royal Tennenbaums (really, I cried and it makes me happy) but guess what? Wes Anderson's movies after Rushmore are not very good. I like them in ways, but, they're kind of like a spoiled young sibling who won't stop throwing tantrums and doing the same thing over and over again for attention. Okay Wes, yeah rich kids have issues too and absent fathers are a let down, but get over it and stop thinking about yourself. I kind of feel like some of those later movies are like that.
I am excited for The Fantastic Mr. Fox, I am pretty sure I will really enjoy it. But, If I hear anybody say another word about innovation in animation I am gonna punch them in the brains. I read a review that said something like this and i think i recall seeing a trailer for the film that said something like that. Hey idiot, before you go around writing about films and printing stuff like that, maybe you should watch a movie or something

But, man I love The Royal Tennenbaums despite its flaws. It took me awhile to see them but their okay. Doesn't mean I won't cry every time when Margo and Richie are in that tent upstairs. But, Rushmore. Oh! Rushmore. Rushmore is actually too sacred to be discussed outside of a movie theater, so I should stop.

I love you Wes Anderson. Please let Owen Wilson help you write your next movie. I know you have another Rushmore in you but I don't know what it will take to bring it out. I hope it comes out.