Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today I was l0oking for something I really really wanted and after about 15 minutes I remembered that I liked it so much I gave it t0 somebody else so they could like it t0o.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

ante meridiem

I basically took the month of December off. I am glad I did, but tomorrow it's back to work. I just set my alarms for 5:30am and 5:45am. Ugh.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My mother passed away last Thursday. Tonight is the first viewing and tomorrow is the Funeral. My little sister wrote a beautiful obituary

The weird thing about all of this is just how complicated all of my feelings are. Physically, I am just tired.

Friday, December 11, 2009

If you want to be Happy for the rest of your life...

My dear, dear Elizabeth Bevington-Seawright's birthday gift to me arrived yesterday.

Apparently I have developed a bad habit of liking women who are already taken. I was watching James Bond last night and noticed he has the same bad habit. He says its because it keeps things simple. I think Mr. Bond may be right about that as long as its just physical, which, of course it could never be unless you are as cold as James Bond. James Bond can do his job because he remains completely emotionally detached, this allows him to never care about anybody and to keep absolute secrecy. So, kids, here is the rule; Never get involved with someone that is taken unless you are a cold hearted bastard and only want action - in which case, yeah, go for it... you cold hearted bastard.

When I read A History of Love, which was amazing, I fell in love with Nicole Krauss, the author. Her book was dedicated to "Jonathan," who was quite obviously very lucky and with whom she was quite obviously very much in love. As I started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close I noticed a similarity in style. I noticed that the author of that book, Jonathan Safran Foer, dedicated his book to "Nicole." I quickly realized that these two were married. It's kind of amazing that some people are just that lucky. Or maybe its not luck.

Elizabeth texted me a few weeks ago and told me she was at a live reading with Jonathan Safran Foer. I, of course, told her to warn him of my intention to steal his wife. I thought this was funny, and in that context it was.

Here is Jonathan Safran Foer's response to my declaration.

It says, "For David (my wife is mine!) Happy Happy to you... Jonathan Safran Foer"

Well, sir, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm no cold hearted bastard and she doesn't even like me, so we're cool. I'll see you in Brooklyn and I'll leave your wife alone, I promise.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My friend showed me this trailer, then I was going to tease her, then I watched it and I was like, awwwww. But also, hmmm... amazing? and then I decided I'd post it here too.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Canis Lupus

I saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox on Friday night, but I was so exhausted that I fell right asleep. I tried to take a nap before the movie but got interrupted by something I had to do. So, I really didn't see it at all, and even if I had stayed awake, I missed the first 15 minutes because of that thing I had to do.
Yesterday I went to see Coco Before Chanel, but we went into Fantastic Mr. Fox instead. About 30 seconds into the film I realized this was absolutely the right decision.
That was perfect and I absolutely loved everything about it. Wes Anderson's films have the interesting quality of often aging in very interesting ways for me. I am constantly reordering his films in my brain as to which ones are the best and which ones I love the most, et cetera. I am sure as I see the film more times I will love new things about it and love it in new ways. I haven't enjoyed seeing something that much in a very long time. I cried during the part with the wolf. I really did. I think its because I really miss one of my friends and I bet that was his favorite part. Also, that part was just perfect and there are those who would have thought it should be cut out because it was not necessary to the story, but it was. It kind of actually was the story. I haven;t read the book in a very long time and don't recall at all if anything like that happened in the book, but either way, it was perfect. Perfect. I rarely use that to describe a film or anything really. But that part of that movie is perfect. The entire movie Rushmore is perfect. The Radiohead show at Bonnaroo was perfect. The Bon Iver show at Gallivan this summer was perfect. Also, there are some people I know that are perfect and they are getting even perfecter.

A quick side-note, the scene where the boy foxes are diving there is a song in the background presumably coming from the Fox's radio. It seems it isn't on the soundtrack to the film. This has always been one of my absolute most favorite songs and I think any romantic inclinations I have come mostly from watching Robin Hood so many times when I was a kid. I think I have literally seen this movie and the original Willy Wonka over a thousand times. That is not an exaggeration. I wore both of those VHS tapes completely out several times.

Yesterday I finished reading Breakfast of Champions. God Bless you Mr. Vonnegut. I miss you and wish you were still here but am kind of glad you don't have to be anymore. I found you a bit late, and I consider you my grandfather. Both of my grandfathers died when I was very young. Grandpa Bisson (AKA Grandpa 'tucky - as in Kentucky - as in he looked like Colonel Sanders AND lived in Kentucky) died when I was 3 and Grandpa Hampton died when I was 6. I don't remember Grandpa Tucky at all but I have many memories of grandpa Hampton. I remember him putting me in the basket of his adult sized tricycle and taking me down to McDonald's and teaching me about Sausage McMuffins. I remember him telling me that sometimes his brains would start for pour out of a hole in his forehead and I had to plug that hole up with my finger anytime he could feel a brain starting to slip out (this confused me very much, but I certainly didn't want my grandfather to continue to lose his brains so I complied.), Anyway, I gotta go, this could go on forever.
Thank you Wes Anderson, Thank you Kurt Vonnegut and thank you friends.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I am not terribly happy about this gloomy winter weather and I am not terribly happy about my unhappiness about it. Every year I think I have made peace with Old Man Winter, and for the most part I have, but every year also I get a bit mad at him. The snow is beautiful and I really love it. I think its just my tolerance for the cold that needs improvment. I used to not care about cold at all. I remember Skiing at night when it was 15 below and thinking it was totally no big deal. I have grown soft in my old age. Or maybe the years I spent living in places where it never got colder than 50 degrees are what did it to me. Maybe I should just move back to one of those places. Or maybe it is my old age and its Father Time I have the beef with and not really Old Man Winter.

Also, On Wednesday night it will get down to 8 degrees in Salt Lake City and 6 degrees in Provo. That's legitimately cold. Yeah, it gets much colder in other places, but that still doesn't make it okay.



the song in this trailer magically came on my ipod the other day and I liked it a lot. I always have. Now I know why.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Letters of Note

Wow guys, look at this website.
the internet is amazing! Being a human now is pretty cool.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I planned to review Blind Side, but I am not going to. That movie is good. And its accessible to many people, which is pretty important, I think.
I was going to talk about racism and sexism and how the movie has serious problems but don;t we all and how I think overall we are getting better but instead I am just gonna post this video Pamela showed me which is aptly named the cutest video of all time